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How to make a foam soap for home and travel

Hi, I’m excited to show you how easy it is to make foam soap. And this soap is great for your office, like a massage office or the office that you work in. Or you can use it at home, I actually have these in my bathroom and in my kitchen. Really nice. So, this is the small foam soap container. And it’s 50 mils, or just under two ounces.

foam soap sea buckthorn

And that’s what we’re going to blend in today. I do also have the bigger one. This is the one I actually use at my house, and this one is 250 mils. or about eight ounces.

So, I have a big jug of castile soap here. And it’s a little hard to pour right from the jug into this little bottle. So I’m gonna to pour the castile soap right into this glass beaker.

And this is a really great glass beaker. It’s actually made by Bodum. And what I love about it is that it’s just got a really good little pouring spout. Nice and angled, so it really doesn’t leak when you pour.

So, I’m going to take the top off of the foam container and I’m going to fill this up just about three quarters of the way because when you put this back in the soap rises, so you need to have a little space at the top, just so it doesn’t overflow. So, I’m just gonna pour it in here. And we’ll go bout that far, about three quarters. A little more than three quarters of the way. And then I’m gonna add essential oils. You can add any essential oils you want.

I’m gonna add lemon, peppermint and palmarosa. So the lemon is so antimicrobial, and just great for killing germs and also really bright and fresh. A lot of people associate it with cleaning, because a lot of cleaning products have lemon. So, we’re gonna add ten drops of lemon. That was exactly ten, amazing.

They come out fast, these drops, so you gotta kind of measure it. But really even if you got nine drops or 11 drops, it’s fine. And then we’re gonna add 10 drops of palmarosa. And palmarosa is gonna add a really light, floral, rosy scent.

And it blends so beautifully with lemon. It’s also very refreshing and bright, beautiful. But also a gentle floral smell. It’s not too overwhelming. So, we’ll add 10 drops of palmarosa. As soon as she decides to come out of the bottle.

There we go. Great. And then at the end, I’m gonna add two drops of peppermint. And two drops of peppermint is enough because peppermint is so strong.

Even just opening it, I can smell it really strong and it’s gorgeous and so bright and refreshing But you just don’t need a lot of it. And if we wanna still smell the lemon and the palmarosa in here, two drops is gonna do it. And also, it’s great for cleansing so perfect to wash your hands. That was two right there. That’s pretty, that’s perfect.

That’s a good combination. So then I’m just gonna put the top on. And once you do that if you see that you have just a little extra room, you could always add a little more soap. But I like to leave a little room so that I can mix it up really well. (liquid mixing) And I don’t tend to label these with what I put in it. Like I would just label it and say, “foam soap”.

And then I just wanna show you how cool this is. Cause, there it is. There’s our foam soap. That feels really nice to wash with it.

And just as a side note, I also take this with me when I travel. I just stick it into my travel bag. It’s made with plastic, so it’s not gonna break. And it’s non reactive. And I use it if I’m on the airplane, and just want to use my own soap. Or, if I am out at a restaurant.

Or just somewhere in public where I don’t necessarily want to use the harsh soap that they have in the public restrooms. I’ll just use this. So, anyway, mmm, smells incredible.

Enjoy it.

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Trip Advices for Travelers to Georgia


Russian language is quite limited. It is remembered, mainly, only by people aged over 30 years. Given the abundance of local dialects, even small knowledge of Georgian usually does not help.

In Abkhazia, people speak their own language, not even remotely resembling Georgian (refers to Abkhaz-Adyghe language group of the North Caucasus of the family). But the Russian is understood almost everywhere.

Currency exchange rates and finance

The standard of living in the country is extremely low. Prices are according too. Therefore, it is recommended to take many small denominations.

In Abkhazia, due to the course of the Russian ruble, which are freely exchanged for any hard currency and have an unlimited currency in trade. But just as the rest of Georgia, in many places, tourists will be obliged to pay only in dollars.

In the markets decided to haggle. Prices are fixed in most stores.


Tipping in most establishments is 5%, but if service charges are not included in the bill, it is recommended to leave 10% of the total bill as the tip. In other places, you can just leave the change.


While bathing in the sea, you should bear in mind that most of the beaches are pebbled and the bottom level decreases rapidly from the shore. Bathing in the sea when the waves are of great strength and wind is more than three points is simply dangerous, because in most cases the bank is very uncomfortable. Most coastal resorts have long fallen into decay, so clean the beaches have almost no support (except for Resorts of Adjara and Abkhazia, where clearing banks is still in progress).


Kindness and hospitality of the inhabitants of Georgia are widely known for a long time. Nothing has changed now. Even at such a low standard of living of any citizen of the country does not refuse to help tourists, most of all – absolutely for free.

Georgian feast is repeatedly glorified by all who have ever attended it. Centuries-old traditions and a special attitude to the table and hearth, is an integral part of home and family (and family for all Georgians is sacred!) Led to the fact that any meal, especially if attended by a guest, turns into a feast, regardless of the level of wealth owners. In any case, it takes a complicated ritual utterance of toasting (and there is always wine on the table), communication and exchange of views on a wide variety of life experiences. Noisy debate are present. Invocation to all witnesses and authority this is also a huge yes. But the honor of the guest within the home will never be violated.

The special, stressed respect for parents (especially for older family members) and friends, also catches the eye.

There is no special etiquette at the table. The main thing is not to interrupt the tamada.

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Backpacking Travel Tips From the Travel Experts

Good camping advices:

  •  Entering the tent wearing shoes is a taboo. It should always be left outside when you walk into the tent.
  •  In the company of three people – it is better to separate the fire into two smaller ones.
  • Remember that rope is one of the best friends of a tourist and should always be in the pocket.
  • The fire must be kept away from the tents so that random wind will not hit a spark and burn a tent.
  • Do not take liquid fuel for a hike it can spill.
  • It is not difficult to find a penknife – be sure to buy yourself one. Cutting down firewood is still easier with a knife or an ax, rather than by hands.
  • If there are no pans, then some alternative to it can be made from an ordinary tin can.

  • Try to dress in bright clothes, use bright colors. Unsightly objects (handles of axes, knives and the like) can be painted with bright colors in stripes or solid colors. That way it’s easier to find them
  • Light-colored clothing attracts fewer mosquitoes.
  • If there is no hat, you can tie a shirt over your head.
  • Do not rush to apply a repellent that would not be advertised.
  • What scares the mosquitoes? The aroma of cloves, basil, eucalyptus and aniseed, tobacco smoke, and valerian are an answer to your worries.
  • There is no particular need to break right in the thick bushes and forests. Look for more convenient input.
  • Forget the shorts.
  • Everyone should have their own pen-knife or a sheath.
  • Get ready the night before, in the morning doing it is extremely hard.
  • Everyone should have their own flashlight and a set of batteries for them.
  • The best fork is a spoon. Do not take the forks (unless it is a universal set of knife-fork-spoon).
  • Divide things in a backpack into individual convolutions. Always neatly fold everything.
  • If the label came off of a tin or they all got wet and slipped all the labels, it does not matter … shall be determined that will help in marking: letter “P” stands for – canned fish, “K” – vegetables, “M” – meat and dairy. And you can pre-sign a marker for the drive.
  • When packing a backpack, do not forget the “vector” laying the closer-to-back, the softer, lower – the more rarely reach for things.
  • If you take extra clothes (in most cases, but there is an exception), we note that it is temporary, and will allow time to dry, fix your basic clothing. At the very least do not go naked.
  • Take the trouble to find some potassium permanganate. It may happen that you have to disinfect the water.
  • Take a couple of candles.
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