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How to Choose the Perfect Hotel for Your Next Vacation

If you go on holiday or business trip in unfamiliar cities, when choosing a hotel follow some rules to avoid trouble.

First, find and learn any information about the city where you are going, the hotels of this city. This can be done in the travel agent if you order a ticket, as well as via the Internet. Almost all hotels can be found with sufficient information, even photos and reviews.

Second, when choosing a hotel, consider her “star”, as the level of service depends on the class of hotel. The best hotels are 4-5 star ones. Although it happens that the middle-class hotels and fully satisfy customers’ requests. Differences hotel rooms of different classes are reduced, mainly for furniture, set in the bathroom, quality plumbing and appliances, ability to play online casino freely.

Third, considering the location of the hotel, it is possible that you conveniently located 2-3 star hotel, located in the center, or near, than a 4 *, located in another district. Remember, sometimes get in a taxi is very expensive, and on foot – a long time. Fourth, be sure to ask when booking on all major and minor, free and paid services of the hotel.

Usually in every room on the table should be based on the price list for paid services such as laundry, ordering food in a room, safe. It so happens that in the account are included phone calls, both international and local. In some hotels, guests are allowed to take-slippers (for free), but also a dressing gown or an umbrella (for a fee). Fifth, ask about the provision of food. Perhaps that will be organized three meals a day, or only breakfast and dinner or breakfast only.

If you choose a hotel, breakfast only, find out what it is – Continental, English or buffet. Continental breakfast includes toast, butter, jam, coffee, and sometimes cheese. English breakfast is a little more tightly – scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, bread, butter, coffee. Best of all, when you are offered a buffet, it must be fruits, vegetables, hot dishes and snacks. Often, good hotels there are additional free services such as free fruit and sweets and tea with a set of instant beverages and daily biscuit. Sixth, ask about possible discounts for accommodation and meals, for example, for younger children. Often discounts are given by the travel agency involved in booking rooms. And of course, there are seasonal discounts.

Compliance with these simple rules will help you avoid common mistakes in choosing a hotel and spend your holidays with pleasure.

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