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How to make a foam soap for home and travel

Hi, I’m excited to show you how easy it is to make foam soap. And this soap is great for your office, like a massage office or the office that you work in. Or you can use it at home, I actually have these in my bathroom and in my kitchen. Really nice. So, this is the small foam soap container. And it’s 50 mils, or just under two ounces.

foam soap sea buckthorn

And that’s what we’re going to blend in today. I do also have the bigger one. This is the one I actually use at my house, and this one is 250 mils. or about eight ounces.

So, I have a big jug of castile soap here. And it’s a little hard to pour right from the jug into this little bottle. So I’m gonna to pour the castile soap right into this glass beaker.

And this is a really great glass beaker. It’s actually made by Bodum. And what I love about it is that it’s just got a really good little pouring spout. Nice and angled, so it really doesn’t leak when you pour.

So, I’m going to take the top off of the foam container and I’m going to fill this up just about three quarters of the way because when you put this back in the soap rises, so you need to have a little space at the top, just so it doesn’t overflow. So, I’m just gonna pour it in here. And we’ll go bout that far, about three quarters. A little more than three quarters of the way. And then I’m gonna add essential oils. You can add any essential oils you want.

I’m gonna add lemon, peppermint and palmarosa. So the lemon is so antimicrobial, and just great for killing germs and also really bright and fresh. A lot of people associate it with cleaning, because a lot of cleaning products have lemon. So, we’re gonna add ten drops of lemon. That was exactly ten, amazing.

They come out fast, these drops, so you gotta kind of measure it. But really even if you got nine drops or 11 drops, it’s fine. And then we’re gonna add 10 drops of palmarosa. And palmarosa is gonna add a really light, floral, rosy scent.

And it blends so beautifully with lemon. It’s also very refreshing and bright, beautiful. But also a gentle floral smell. It’s not too overwhelming. So, we’ll add 10 drops of palmarosa. As soon as she decides to come out of the bottle.

There we go. Great. And then at the end, I’m gonna add two drops of peppermint. And two drops of peppermint is enough because peppermint is so strong.

Even just opening it, I can smell it really strong and it’s gorgeous and so bright and refreshing But you just don’t need a lot of it. And if we wanna still smell the lemon and the palmarosa in here, two drops is gonna do it. And also, it’s great for cleansing so perfect to wash your hands. That was two right there. That’s pretty, that’s perfect.

That’s a good combination. So then I’m just gonna put the top on. And once you do that if you see that you have just a little extra room, you could always add a little more soap. But I like to leave a little room so that I can mix it up really well. (liquid mixing) And I don’t tend to label these with what I put in it. Like I would just label it and say, “foam soap”.

And then I just wanna show you how cool this is. Cause, there it is. There’s our foam soap. That feels really nice to wash with it.

And just as a side note, I also take this with me when I travel. I just stick it into my travel bag. It’s made with plastic, so it’s not gonna break. And it’s non reactive. And I use it if I’m on the airplane, and just want to use my own soap. Or, if I am out at a restaurant.

Or just somewhere in public where I don’t necessarily want to use the harsh soap that they have in the public restrooms. I’ll just use this. So, anyway, mmm, smells incredible.

Enjoy it.

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Winning Roulette Strategy

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Charterstone – How To Play

(music) Hi. Welcome to Watch it Played. My name is Rodney Smith, and in this video we’re going to learn the one to six player game Charterstone. Designed by Jamey Stegmaier and published by Stonemaier Games. The Kingdom of Greengully has always been a prosperous place to live.

But the Forever King has chosen you, and the other players as special citizens with unique skills to head out beyond the kingdom’s borders and colonize new lands. Charterstone is a competitive legacy experience and that means that over the course of twelve games you’ll be unlocking new elements that will permanently change the way your game is played And this will take the form of stickers that you’ll place and information that you’ll permanently write on different boards and cards. In this way at the end of your twelve sessions you’ll have a copy of Charterstone that’s unique compared to anyone else’s. And although future games that you play will not unlock those new elements, you can continue to play Charterstone just like any other game in your collection and experience it in new ways. Alternatively, you’ll be able to purchase this separate recharge pack that replaces any components that were affected by your first twelve games allowing you to replay from the beginning using the other side of your double-sided game board. You can even play the game solo using these included rules, which I leave you to discover on your own but in the description of this video I’ll include a link to them if you’d like to check it out.

Instead here I’ll be teaching you the rules for two to six players which are covered in what is known as the Chronicle. This booklet is unique as it has the rules required to get you started, but also many empty spaces… … that will get filled in with stickers that you unlock as you play changing the game as you go. Aside from looking at what’s necessary to get your first game started, we won’t be spoiling anything in this video… …that relates to any of the future surprises, that you’ll encounter as you play.

All I want to do here is give you enough information, so you can get started with confidence. So join me at the table and let’s learn “How to Play” As we’re about to see, aside from the rules and these gameboards, there are a variety of smaller boxes in the main box. And you’re not meant to open any of these until you’re instructed.

And we’ll begin by opening up this one called “Index”. Inside here you’ll find a series of individually wrapped decks, and at this time you can take each of them out. Now unwrap the plastic from them without examining the individual cards too closely as they’ll contain secrets for you to explore later. Just be sure not to mix them up because once unwrapped, you’ll be putting these back into the index box in the same order. If you look at the bottom right hand corner of the cards, you’ll find numbers that provide the correct sequential order that these should stay in. Don’t worry if you’re going through the numbers and it seems like some of them are missing.

This was done for production reasons. The main thing is that the cards are put back in order, with the number one here on the far left. Now during the game you’re told to extract or remove certain cards from the Index. And the Chronicle tells us to extract number one at the very beginning of our first game. When you see italicized blue text at the top of a card this is story narration, that should be read aloud to all of players.

Now I’m going to skip over those segments in this video, but make sure you don’t when you’re playing. Instead I’ll focus on explaining the text beneath, which presents you with the rules you’ll need to play the game. In this case we’re being told to place the board in the center of the table, and remember it is double sided, but once you start playing on one side keep using it throughout the entire campaign. Now one thing you might not realize is that this card, like many in the game, is actually a large sticker, which you are now told to peel off, and place onto the matching “Story 1” space on page six of the Chronicle. It’ll look like this when you’re done and then you put this leftover remnant into the box that you’ll find labeled “Archive”. In this way when your campaign is over you’ll know exactly which cards you used, and need to replace in the index if you pick up the recharge pack.

Just ensure that before you archive anything you completely follow any instructions on it. For example, at the bottom of this card it tells us to extract card 2 from the Index, which we have over here. This tells us to open the “Scriptorium” tuck box, where the general components of the game will be stored between sessions.

And you can unpack everything here and set it beside the board. You’ll find 36 metal coins and 12 each of the metal, grain, wood, coal, clay and pumpkin resources. To make it a little easier for me to move things around on the table during this video, I’ll set all of these off to the side and just bring them back out if necessary. There’s also a charterstone die and progress token which you’ll place on the space of this track that matches your number of players. In this video I’m gonna be setting up a three-player game so we place the token on space “3p”. I won’t be showing it each time but just know that I’ll be sticking these new cards into the Chronicle as I finish with each one.

And as we move this one to the Archive we can see that we are now told to extract card number three. this explains that the village board is divided into six main charters, that are separated by the graphical elements built into the artwork. Each will contain six faint hexagonal plots as well as the banner and that charter symbol. Player should now seat themselves by the empty charter that they wish to use throughout the entire campaign… And then go into the game box and find the charter chest that matches your emblem as shown here. Then open and remove its contents Inside you’ll find two workers, one small and one big, as well as twelve influence tokens, and a victory point marker, that you place along with the other players on the zero space of this victory point track. The rest of your components you’ll keep in front of yourself.

You’re then told to extract cards 200 to 205 from the index and give each player the one that matches their charter. This will be you for the rest of the campaign so you can write your name or anything you like into the top space – here. Any characters that will not be used in the campaign you can then place into their matching charter boxes which are then kept in the main game box. We are now told to move on to card four which tells you to also put cards five through ten.

And each player will be given the one that matches their charter. If you have less than six players set aside any unused ones for now. On the card you were given is a sticker which you remove and then place into any of the empty plot spaces within your personal charter. Which space you choose within your charter doesn’t matter just as long as they are all oriented in the same direction. If the building card you removed a sticker from has a crate symbol – like these do, in the upper right-hand corner – … … it is then kept in front of that player as a constructed building card, which can then be used later in the game. If there was no crate here then the card would just be sent to the archive box after the building sticker was placed.

We’re now told to pull out card eleven which says that if you have less than six players, some of the charters will be inactive but those areas are still a part of this growing village, … … Which means that you place the matching stickers from their cards into those charters. So it will look something like this when you’re all done. The leftover constructed building cards from the inactive charters are then placed onto this advancement board which is kept nearby. We’ll come back to see how this works in just a moment. The game will later explain ways for those inactive charters to grow, but if you’d like them to behave like human players, you can read and use the automa rulebook but it is not advised to this… …until after you’ve played your first couple of games and are familiar with the general rules.

Next you’re told to pull card twelve from the index which also tells you to gather cards 206 to 218. Eight of these are Assistants with this back which you’ll then combine with any other cards already on the advancement map, shuffling them together into a single deck. then reveal five of them placing them face up onto the five empty spaces of this board.

Five of the cards are objectives which will have this back and you’ll shuffle these into a facedown pile on the objectives map which is also kept nearby. Then reveal three of them placing them face up. Card twelve now tells you to review the rules explaining how to play, which we’ll go over in a moment. But then it says to put this card into the Archive without removing its sticker and extract card thirteen form the Index, which we’ll come back to a little bit later. For the first game only, each player is given four dollars in coins and then you roll the charterstone die until one of the player symbols is revealed, … …they become the first player and you can give them the die as a reminder of this.

And that’s the setup for game one. In Charterstone you’re gonna be constructing new buildings, gaining assistants, acquiring resources, and trying to complete objectives all in an effort to appease the forever king as you expand the kingdom. While the campaign is played over twelve separate games, each game is broken down into a series of turns Starting with the first player and then going clockwise around and around the table.

On your turn you must either place a worker from your personal supply onto any building or take back all of your workers from the board. And although these are sized differently, they work the same way. Whenever you place a worker you use the building following three steps in order. First, if another worker was already there, even if it’s one of yours, return it to it’s controlling player, then you pay the cost shown towards the left of the building by returning those items from your personal supply back to the general supply. If you can’t pay the cost, then you can’t go to that location.

Then, finally, you gain all, or part, of the benefits shown on the right side of the building. So let’s take a moment right now and learn how the different locations work. First of all, there are the stickered locations that we added to each charter. These all work essentially the same way. After placing a worker there, there is no cost but then you collect the pictured resource. So in this case, the yellow player would gain one piece of iron.

While going here would give the player one piece of coal. When collected, these are put in front of the players in their personal areas. Keep in mind that all of the resources and coins in the game are limited.

And that means that if something is not in the general supply that it cannot be collected until some are returned there again later. In the center of the board is The Commons which has five different buildings that you could assign a worker to. If you go to the Treasury, then you must return any one single resource to the general supply in order to collect a single coin. On the back of the rulebook you’ll find the sack symbol along with every other icon you might come across when playing the game, in case you forget what something means. If you go to the Market you pay one coin and any one resource and then collect any one face up card from the advancement mat. These are placed face up in front of you.

In fact, everything that you collect in the game is considered public information and always kept visible so that anyone can see what you have. I should point out quickly that the first edition printing of the rule book says that you may collect a face down card with this action, but that was a mistake. Only face up cards can be taken. Either way, after a card has been collected you immediately replace it with the top one from this deck. If you take one of these from the advancement mat, it counts as a constructed building card that you can later use to open the crate pictured here. However, you might collect one of these assistants instead.

They will show a bonus here at the bottom that you can collect any time you perform its listed activity. Also, the first time you take one of these, if it doesn’t have a name printed into the area here at the top, you may give it one by writing into that space. Some actions in the game will allow you to discard advancement cards, so you’ll keep an area nearby for that. And if the draw deck would ever run out, shuffle the discard pile into a new one. Also, if a new advancement card would be added to the game while playing you immediately shuffle the new cards and any discards into the draw deck. A variety of different types of cards can end up in this area and they can often be distinguished by the symbols found here at the top.

And if you’re ever told to gain a certain type of advancement you can choose one from those face up here that match that type, if any. If you go to the Grandstand, you place one of your influence tokens onto any one face up objective card, if you satisfy its requirements as printed at the bottom. For example, if I had at least six coins I could go here. And each player may score each objective once per game, then as shown here you gain five victory points.

As you gain points, you show this by moving your marker that number of spaces forward on the victory point track. To complete the Grandstand action you then advance this progress token on the track so that it’s getting closer to this blue light symbol. You’ll also find the objective symbol here as a reminder to always advance this token when one is claimed. On your turn, if you advance the progress token onto a space with this boat symbol, it means you may place one of your influence tokens onto this reputation track found in the upper right hand corner of the board. The first token placed here in each game is put on the space matching the player count. So we’d go on to the 3P space.

Each new token added here is then put on the next empty space that leads towards the ocean end. These will be worth points at the end of the game as we’ll see a little bit later. This is the space for Income but the rules for this symbol are not unlocked yet so you can ignore it for now.

Going back to The Commons, we’ll skip over the Zeppelin for now as it’s used when adding new buildings and you won’t have any of those yet. Likewise, we’ll also come back to the Charterstone in a moment. But for now let’s take a look at this Cloud Port space, which is found in the upper left hand corner of the board. A space like this or any that shows a hand symbol as its benefit will allow you to sell a variable amount of a commodity back to the general supply. And to do this you pick any space within this quota box that doesn’t have an influence token and then place one of yours there returning the listed commodity on the left in the amount shown above it. So to go here, here, or here, I would need to discard three cards that I have with this symbol on their back, like perhaps these three.

Then depending on which of these three spaces I decided to go into I’d either get a bonus point, be able to add an influence token to the reputation track or get nothing extra. However, no matter what space you go into, you’ll always get the three points shown at that location. I also think it would be good to clarify that the influence token you place when taking the Cloud Port action is the one that you paid as a cost to go there.

In other words, if our blue player wanted to go here next, they’d first return the black player’s piece to them and then pay this influence cost by putting it directly onto the quota space that they intend to fulfill. Going back to the card we last pulled from the Index we’re told that an important part of game one is for each player to use the Charterstone building located in The Commons. Doing this will let you unlock the crate that’s shown on the constructed building card that you started with or even on one that you might have collected from the advancement board. Either way, just note that you may never unlock a crate if it still has it’s building sticker here. Now to open your crate, you’ll need to place a worker on the Charterstone space and put two of your influence cubes in the general supply along with four coins.

Now if you’d like you can stop the video right here and just get to playing, coming back once someone has taken this Charterstone action. There’ll even be a link in the description of this video that will return you right to this moment. Or if you want, you can just keep watching.

After paying for the Charterstone action, you’ll refer to the number on the crate that you’re opening and look it up on the index guide which is found both on this sheet and on the inside of the Index lid. The numbers on the row across from your crate number will tell you which cards to collect from the Index and the heading above will tell you what to do with them. For example, with crate two we’re told to pull out cards forty-three, forty-four and two thirty-three which are all listed under the gain column. This means the player adds them to their personal area, unless they get a persona, as indicated here, which is immediately placed inside of their charter chest.

Now that we’ve collected our new cards, the crate is sent to the Archives and we’ll check the benefits side of this action and sure enough we gain five victory points. The progress track also reminds us here that each time a crate is opened, we advance one space. Our card thirteen now tells us that after the first crate is unlocked we should pull card fourteen and then place this one into the Archive. Fourteen provides us with a new sticker to put in the rulebook which explains how to construct a building, which is perfect because one of our players just opened a crate that provided them with two new ones. When doing this, you need to send a worker to the Zeppelin and then pay three influence to the general supply along with the four resources shown on the building that you want to construct. You’ll then remove the sticker from the building you paid for and place it into any of the empty plots of your charter.

This will add a new location where any player can assign workers to gain new benefits. Also, as shown here, placing a new building gains you five victory points. As well, you’ll notice that construction advances the progress token. As a reminder, if the card you’ve peeled a building sticker from has no crate pictured here then send it directly to the Archive box. Otherwise, it stays in your personal area as a crate that you can unlock later by going to the Charterstone building.

I should also point out that any number shown below a building is the victory points it will provide at the end of the campaign. As you’ve noticed we’ve been using these influence tokens to place them on cards, the board, and sometimes to go right into the general supply but the key thing to understand is that these are limited. In other words, when you run out you will not be able to take any actions that would require them. Also, when you place an influence token it cannot be moved or removed until the end of the game. Now that said, there are some effects that may allow you to regain influence but those can only be taken from the general supply, if any are there. And if you do run out of influence then at the start of each of your turns you’ll advance the progress token one space which will still gain you any benefits that might be shown on the progress track.

Alright, well going back to card fourteen we’re now told to extract fifteen which explains the rules for personas. When we gained one of these earlier we put it into our charter box because these cannot be used right away, but you might have noticed these have a special ability at the bottom. And at the start of each new game you play, you can select any one of the personas from your chest to use giving you access to its ability. Later games will also instruct you to mark this triangle in as you use those personas which will grant you additional points at the end of the campaign. Before moving on I’d like to clarify something about abilities like the one that we see here on this persona.

It says that after using a building with a coal cost, you gain a victory point. But, to be clear, this will only trigger if coal is specifically a part of the cost. For example, by going to the building here you must spend one coal and then you get two coins.

So this is a building action that would trigger this ability. But if, instead, we had gone to the Treasury where any resource can be spent, even if we used coal, this ability would not activate, because coal was not specifically a cost. We could have just as easily have gone to this building by using a pumpkin. With personas understood, you’re now instructed to take card sixteen.

This explains that when the progress token advances to this final space of its track, you’ve triggered the final round of the game. So any players left to take turns would do so and then the game is over. Card sixteen is then placed into this guidepost spot where you’ll refer to it once the game actually ends. So again feel free to stop the video, if you’d like, and continue playing, returning once you’ve gotten to that final round or stick with me and we’ll wrap things up right now. After game one is over, the guidepost here instructs us to pull card seventeen while placing this into the Archive.

In player order, you’re now told to gain victory points from the reputation track. The player with the most tokens here will gain ten points, second-most gains seven, and third-most gains four. Players who are tied at any of those positions will each gain the full points offered.

However, players with no tokens on this track can gain nothing here. Next check to see if you have any cards with this symbol on them and if so they will score you points. Now check the victory track to see how many of these glory stars you’ve passed. Including any that you might currently be on, and you’ll find one of these at every ten point space. That means our black player here has gained two and both the blue and yellow player have three each.

Before continuing, card seventeen tells us to pull card eighteen, where we learn that for each star gained, you fill in any one star on the back of your charter chest. At the beginning of each game, you’ll start with the indicated items at the end of any rows that you’ve completely filled in. And again the symbols here are explained on the back of the rulebook and some may even refer to components that won’t be available until later in the campaign.

Now the player or players, if tied, with the most victory points on the track will fill in one of these trophies on the other side of their charter chest and these will be worth a certain number of victory points at the end of the campaign. All non-winners will now name their charter, writing it within their banner, and as a show of humility, each winning charter, as well as each inactive one, will have their banners named by the non-winners, as well. The village banner, which is shown here in the upper left hand corner, will get filled in at a later time.

Now gather all of your player pieces, including any coins, resources and cards you might have as these will carry over into game two. In later games, you won’t always get to take everything with you but for now you can. If you’re taking a break between gaming sessions, you can also store all of this in your charter chest. But at this point, you’re told to extract card nineteen.

However, I think you’re ready to take on the rest all by yourself. So give this a read and continue on from there. I’ll be putting a link in the description of this video to a frequently asked questions document managed by Stonemaier Games where they’ll be addressing any important corrections they found since the release of the game.

And don’t forget to check the front of the Chronicle if you’d like to see rules for how you can add and drop players during a campaign. That said, if you have any questions about anything that you saw here, don’t hesitate to put them in the comments below and I’ll gladly answer them as soon as I get a chance. But until the next episode, thanks for watching. (music)

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Financial Spread Betting on Gold Explained

bjbj Example of a Financial Spread Bet Gold s look at placing a trade on Gold. We can trade via phone, Internet and many cases now we can trade with a mobile phone such as an Iphone. All spread bets have an expiry date; we don t have to hold the bet until this date. In this case April Gold which is currently quoted at 1200.0/1205.0 The first price is the price we sell at the second is the price we buy at. We think Gold will go up so we buy 100 per point at 1205.0 One important factor in trading is to always protect your downside; however sure you are you need to have a safety net, in this case a Guaranteed Stop loss.

We will place our stop 25 points away, so if Gold hits $1180 then the bet will be automatically closed out. This means that our downside is know ahead of time, our profit is unlimited but our risk is strictly limited to 25 X 100 so 2,500. A few weeks in to the trade we see Gold is now trading at 1290/1295, we decide to take our profits and close the bet, so we now sell at 1290. So to recap Bought 100 at 1205.0 sold 100 at 1290 the difference is 85 points X 100 will 8,500 profit. We could have easily done the reverse and profited from a down move. Also notice whilst Gold is traded in US$ we are using as our betting currency.

To Summaries Financial Spread Betting can be used to profit from Rising or falling markets. It s possible to trade a diverse range of markets form one account. Bet sizes can be smaller than traditional futures brokers. Traders can use guaranteed stop loses to protect against unlimited losses, yet profits can be unlimited.

It is still important to realize that Spread Betting is a higher risk investment and it is advisable to learn and practice before placing real trades, also only trade with risk capital. Vince Stanzione has produced a home study course to teach private investors how to benefit from trading financial Spread Bets and Fixed Odds priced at 197. For more information please visit HYPERLINK “” h45& h45& hy;j Example of betting on gold Microsoft Office Word Hewlett-Packard Company Title _PID_HLINKS Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document MSWordDoc Word.Document.8 [Content_Types].xml _rels/.rels theme/theme/themeManager.xml sQ}# theme/theme/theme1.xml w toc’v )I`n 3Vq%’#q :\TZaG L+M2 e\O* $*c? )6-r IqbJ#x ,AGm T[XF64 E)`# R>QD =(K& =al- 4vfa 0%M0 theme/theme/_rels/themeManager.xml.rels 6?$Q K(M&$R(.1 [Content_Types].xmlPK _rels/.relsPK theme/theme/themeManager.xmlPK theme/theme/theme1.xmlPK theme/theme/_rels/themeManager.xml.relsPK

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How To Profit

Internet is an excellent source of information on just about everything, but it also contains job opportunities and earning a profit in a small amount of effort and still enjoy it. Online gambling is one of these sites, which allows you to earn extra money while gambling website.

Difference is different game that you can find on the Internet with different styles to attract players and some of these sites can give you a fortune just to play. One of these sites you can earn extra money online casino is what many of whom have played because of its easy money. But not all playing the same opportunities as others here are some tips to get some benefit from it.

Enjoy all the bonuses and offers from each site, no matter how small it is, because you should always try bonus offers and always put your money in the game.

In games and tournaments at the casino, you should have patience, most games take several hours to complete. You should always be in perfect condition when qualified games or card games.

The fastest way to make this casino game for money when he’s going to take a small investment to play for this kind of game, but if you have the ability to save, it will not be a problem to earn a quick profit on the game.

Land based casino or even online has the same principle is the game that always loses a part of the game you just want to know when to stop.

Many online casinos offer roulette casinos to attract people to the casino. For a beginner, these sites are very useful. With the help of these sites, you will receive additional information about their favorite games. Compared to other casino games, roulette is very simple. Therefore, this is an ideal game for novice players.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

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Gambling System vs Gambling Strategy

I recently got into a rather lengthy discussion with a friend of mine over a system he was playing at roulette.

He had come off two relatively good weekends playing some combination of black and odd after the red even numbers had come up two or three times in a row.

And try as I may, I couldn’t convince him that it was just a run of black and odd numbers and had nothing to do with the red even numbers. That little white ball doesn’t have a memory and didn’t know what numbers had come up before. He insisted that it did, if red even numbers came up 3 times in a row the next spin had to be at the very least black or odd, that was part of his system. I didn’t have the heart to ask him about the green 0 and 00.

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Actually I referred him to a recent blog of mine “The Gamblers Fallacy” which addresses that very issue. But he wasn’t listening, he was sure he had discovered the coup of roulette. I wished him the best, and hope for his sake that black and odd keeps coming up.

There is no system in the entire world that can produce a constant winner in a game of random returns. It is simply impossible, now that doesn’t mean that on a given weekend, or at a particular table you can’t win, actually you can.

The reason you can win on a given weekend or at a particular table is because anything can happen in a short run, including extended winning streaks, but over the long haul the percentages will beat you.

You just have to be prepared to take advantage of a winning streak when it comes along, and you do that through proper money management and a sound playing strategy.

Now don’t mistake strategy for system, there are strategies that can improve your chance of winning. Knowing which bets to make because the odds to win and the house percentage are more favorable than another bet is not a system, it is a playing strategy.

Remember, getting as close as you can to a 50/50 proposition with 0% house advantage is the goal.

However, even the best strategy cannot produce a constant winner. A sound playing strategy only puts you in a better position to win.

And, actually in my friends case, playing black and odd are sound plays in roulette, even if you wait until a couple of red even numbers go back to back. He does employ good money management strategies, so if he catches a streak of black and/or odd he will win some money!

Craps and roulette are the most common table games with random returns, blackjack (or twenty-one) would not be included, since there is a level of skill involved and as a player you do have choices that directly influence the outcome of your hand, however, you must still use proper money management and playing strategies.

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How to Choose the Perfect Hotel for Your Next Vacation

If you go on holiday or business trip in unfamiliar cities, when choosing a hotel follow some rules to avoid trouble.

First, find and learn any information about the city where you are going, the hotels of this city. This can be done in the travel agent if you order a ticket, as well as via the Internet. Almost all hotels can be found with sufficient information, even photos and reviews.

Second, when choosing a hotel, consider her “star”, as the level of service depends on the class of hotel. The best hotels are 4-5 star ones. Although it happens that the middle-class hotels and fully satisfy customers’ requests. Differences hotel rooms of different classes are reduced, mainly for furniture, set in the bathroom, quality plumbing and appliances, ability to play online casino freely.

Third, considering the location of the hotel, it is possible that you conveniently located 2-3 star hotel, located in the center, or near, than a 4 *, located in another district. Remember, sometimes get in a taxi is very expensive, and on foot – a long time. Fourth, be sure to ask when booking on all major and minor, free and paid services of the hotel.

Usually in every room on the table should be based on the price list for paid services such as laundry, ordering food in a room, safe. It so happens that in the account are included phone calls, both international and local. In some hotels, guests are allowed to take-slippers (for free), but also a dressing gown or an umbrella (for a fee). Fifth, ask about the provision of food. Perhaps that will be organized three meals a day, or only breakfast and dinner or breakfast only.

If you choose a hotel, breakfast only, find out what it is – Continental, English or buffet. Continental breakfast includes toast, butter, jam, coffee, and sometimes cheese. English breakfast is a little more tightly – scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, bread, butter, coffee. Best of all, when you are offered a buffet, it must be fruits, vegetables, hot dishes and snacks. Often, good hotels there are additional free services such as free fruit and sweets and tea with a set of instant beverages and daily biscuit. Sixth, ask about possible discounts for accommodation and meals, for example, for younger children. Often discounts are given by the travel agency involved in booking rooms. And of course, there are seasonal discounts.

Compliance with these simple rules will help you avoid common mistakes in choosing a hotel and spend your holidays with pleasure.

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Your Fantasy Trip to Europe: Must See Attractions

Tower of London

It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988, recognized for its significant efforts in preserving the culture and heritage of Britain. The same structure that now houses England’s Crown Jewels was also the place where its former owners, members of the Royal Family, were imprisoned or executed. Not surprisingly, stories abound of the headless ghosts of Sir Walter Raleigh and Anne Boleyn (one of Henry VIIIs wives) walking the premises.

The Louvre Museum

If you see only one museum in Europe, this should be it. The Mona Lisa and The Venus de Milo alone are enough reasons to brave the crowds here but the Louvre is houses priceless Oriental, Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman artifacts.

Eiffel Tower

It was constructed in 1889 for the International Exposition of Paris and named after Gustav Eiffel, the same engineer who built the Statue of Liberty. The Eiffel Tower stands at 317 meters and was the tallest building in the world at the time of its opening. There are three observation platforms open to the public and each with stunning views of Paris.


Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Acropolis (loosely translated as high city) was where Grecian civilization once thrived. Today, the ruins of four structures the Parthenon, the Erectheion, the Temple of Nike, and the Propylaea provide equally arresting glimpses into Greeces past. Located at the center of Athens, the Acropolis is accessible through any form of transport or on foot.

Tivoli Gardens

Situated at the center Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen, Tivoli Gardens is known to be one of the world’s first amusement parks. The best time to visit is at night when all the parks lights are lit giving the place an even more magical feel.

Anne Frank House

After the discovery of their hiding place, Nazis took Anne Frank and her family from their secret quarters in the attic of an office building in Amsterdam. They were immediately sent off to concentration camps where Anne would later die of typhus. Back at the house, a friend of the family found the now famous diary Anne had kept while they hid. In it was written the thoughts and aspirations of the young girl, filled with courage and optimism despite their living conditions. Now restored and well-preserved, the house showcases the family’s secret annex with photos and multimedia exhibits running all throughout. The site never fails to grip the hearts of its visitors from all corners of the world.

The Sistine Chapel

Golden stars on a blue sky is what you would see on the Sistine Chapel ceiling if Michelangelo had not agreed to take on the task Pope Julius II appointed to him in 1508. He hesitated initially, not being as confident in his painting skills since he generally sculpted. But he proved himself wrong, eventually creating an elaborate illustration of the whole Bible while on his back. Most recently, it was the focus of the world’s attention as the College of Cardinals voted Pope Benedict XVI to be the new leader of the Catholic Church.

Leeds Castle

No European holiday will be complete without a visit to a castle. Deemed as the loveliest castle in the world, Leeds Castle was built in the year 1119 on a lake surrounded by lush green parkland. It has been home to many of British Royalties most famous names, most notably, Henry VIII whose portrait hangs on the wall of the Banqueting Room named after him. Leeds Castle today is a venue for conferences, weddings, and other social gatherings. One unique attraction is the Dog Collar Museum with almost a hundred antique collars dating as far back as the 15th century.

The universal theme one will realize from going around Europe’s many attractions is that modern advancements can and do complement the classic and traditional. Since technology is ever changing, it’s exciting to ponder the future it will provide to the treasures of the past.

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Trip Advices for Travelers to Georgia


Russian language is quite limited. It is remembered, mainly, only by people aged over 30 years. Given the abundance of local dialects, even small knowledge of Georgian usually does not help.

In Abkhazia, people speak their own language, not even remotely resembling Georgian (refers to Abkhaz-Adyghe language group of the North Caucasus of the family). But the Russian is understood almost everywhere.

Currency exchange rates and finance

The standard of living in the country is extremely low. Prices are according too. Therefore, it is recommended to take many small denominations.

In Abkhazia, due to the course of the Russian ruble, which are freely exchanged for any hard currency and have an unlimited currency in trade. But just as the rest of Georgia, in many places, tourists will be obliged to pay only in dollars.

In the markets decided to haggle. Prices are fixed in most stores.


Tipping in most establishments is 5%, but if service charges are not included in the bill, it is recommended to leave 10% of the total bill as the tip. In other places, you can just leave the change.


While bathing in the sea, you should bear in mind that most of the beaches are pebbled and the bottom level decreases rapidly from the shore. Bathing in the sea when the waves are of great strength and wind is more than three points is simply dangerous, because in most cases the bank is very uncomfortable. Most coastal resorts have long fallen into decay, so clean the beaches have almost no support (except for Resorts of Adjara and Abkhazia, where clearing banks is still in progress).


Kindness and hospitality of the inhabitants of Georgia are widely known for a long time. Nothing has changed now. Even at such a low standard of living of any citizen of the country does not refuse to help tourists, most of all – absolutely for free.

Georgian feast is repeatedly glorified by all who have ever attended it. Centuries-old traditions and a special attitude to the table and hearth, is an integral part of home and family (and family for all Georgians is sacred!) Led to the fact that any meal, especially if attended by a guest, turns into a feast, regardless of the level of wealth owners. In any case, it takes a complicated ritual utterance of toasting (and there is always wine on the table), communication and exchange of views on a wide variety of life experiences. Noisy debate are present. Invocation to all witnesses and authority this is also a huge yes. But the honor of the guest within the home will never be violated.

The special, stressed respect for parents (especially for older family members) and friends, also catches the eye.

There is no special etiquette at the table. The main thing is not to interrupt the tamada.

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Welcome to the Pearl by the Sea – Odessa, Ukraine

A great bathing-place, the pearl on Black Sea, an art city, and we can write much more about the city. The city of Odessa has immemorial usages, Odessa gave many creative people, painters and designers. You can hardly meet a man who does not want to go on journey to this legendary city. Odessa is an important business centre situated on Black Sea. You can find here about 1 Million merry people or even more. Odessa is not very old city. Its a pleasure to live in Odessa. All Ukrainians know Odessa as the main industrial, cultural, scientific and tourist center of southern Ukraine. The population of the city includes Ukrainians, Russians, and Jews. You will never regret your tour to Odessa. Odessa has an Oceanic climate. Odessa as a big city offers, various attractions.

And we are not surprised at all. Regardless of time of year, everyone discovers the special charm. The winter holidays in Odessa offer the numerous sights – the real Odessa. You have an opportunity to see old city’s streets, attractions, or enjoy a visit to Odessa’s Privoz (Supply Place). During June, July and August active people can enjoy rest at the sea in Odessa. The beaches of Arkadia give a nice opportunity to bake in the sun and to relax. Foreign travellers come to the city to enjoy oneself. The reason is simple the recreation in Odessa can become a great event. The resorts, amusement and recreation facilities in Odessa are really amazing. Walk through the cozy squares, visit the Art Gallery of Odessa, see Duke Richelieu monument. If you wish an extreme, then at the Black Sea coast of Odessa you can enjoy water skiis and diving. On Odessa beaches you can pay attention at lots of wonderful females who are the most enchanting on the earth. This denotes that an accommodative weeks in Odessa is conferred to you. Accordingly, the number of guests arriving to hover near the Black Sea in Odessa is increasing every month.

The oppidans of a town of Odessa are pleased of its famous architectural and cultural legacy. This place has got lots of school institutions among which I. I. Mechnikov Odessa National University, Odessa National Polytechnic University and other universities.

Odessa has got pleasant glamour like Opera and Ballet House(1809), and other fine arts museums and places of interest.

A big number of nice identities indwelled here at different times. Glorious generations of great comedians, born and raised in Odessa during the last century,, have earned a esteem as the city of talented people. The olden place is created in discrepant architectural fashion from Revival of Learning till the style of art and architecture of the 1890s. On the roads of Odessa you can stroll by day or at night, taking a pleasure of the magnetism of Odessa. Don’t forget to derive pleasure from the stroll through the Deribasovskaya Street – the badge of Odessa with many cafes and restaurants.

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